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Astrology Software

You might have seen several software on vedic astrology but our software is quite special one due to its configuration to provide life-graphs based on kinetic and potential energies of planets like graph of life's ups/downs, graph of ups/downs of status, graph of pleasure and pain regarding various aspects of life, graph of concentration on some particular thing among all the aspects of life. Due to these very reasons all predictions based on these systems are very reliable.

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Life Graph

Four types of Life Graphs are drawn in our software of whole life. The first page two graphs show that in which part of life you enjoyed or suffered with positive or negative circumstances while the other page of graphs indicate your ambition and working efficiency more or less etc.


Pie Chart

According to the strength of all the seven planets we have chosen seven colouirs or seven designs to prepare two types of Pie Charts one of which indicates the pleasure of various aspects of life in percentage while the other etc.